Perfect OBX Beach Day


Today was a reminder of all that is best about the Outer Banks in the summer—bright sunshine, a pleasant breeze keeping the temperature moderate and the humidity down, ocean waves manageable. Or, stated more simply, it was a perfect beach day.

Everyone has their own idea of what to add to that perfect beach day and the full list is probably infinite and subject to debate; however, since here at Joe Lamb, Jr. we live on the Outer Banks and love the beach ourselves we thought we would put our two cents of advice into the mix.

There are a couple of things that are important. Sunscreen is a must; a good roasting on a Monday means the rest of the week is spent healing.

Take water or sport drinks—water preferably. Sugary soft drinks are not absorbed into your body all that well and a lot of them have caffeine, which is a diuretic—meaning they make you sweat and pee. A cold beer sounds wonderful on a hot day, but definitely save the alcohol until you’re off the beach. Alcohol is more of a diuretic than caffeine popping a cold one after a day at the beach is a better way to go.

Those are the two most important things to take to the beach. It never hurts, of course, to have a good book, maybe a beach chair and sunglasses. A picnic lunch can be nice too, but remember, anything that goes to the beach with you, should come off the beach, including trash.

Enjoy . . .

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