Posted on 6/28/2013

Peter Rabbit at Elizabethan Gardens

I admit it, I love childrenâåÛåªs books, and even as an adult, I still think Beatrix PotterâåÛåªs Peter Rabbit is magic. So when I heard the Elizabethan Gardens in Manteo was going to do an original production based on the play a jumped at the chance to go.

The play is only about 30 minutes long and it would be hard to imagine a better production for children. Great songs, wonderful set design and the two actors playing Mr. MacGregor and Peter the Rabbit were naturals at relating to kids.

ThereâåÛåªs lots of audience participation, which makes the play even more fun, especially for the moms and dads in the audience. There is something magical about hearing 25 or 30 young voices trying to tell Mr. MacGregor that Peter is hiding behind the plants in the shed. Or the sea of hands that shoot into the air when Mr. MacGregor asks who would like to hold the markers for the beans, carrots and other vegetables.

TheyâåÛåªre putting the play on every Wednesday and Thursday through August 15, although there will not be a performance on July 4. A ticket to the play is included in the admission price to the Gardens.

And after the play, donâåÛåªt forget to wander through the Gardens. The Outer Banks is truly beautiful at this time of the year and wandering through Elizabethan Gardens is a great way to experience it.

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