Posted on 6/5/2014

Picture Perfect on the Outer Banks

It was a picture perfect beach day here on the Outer Banks today. The Atlantic Ocean was cool and refreshing, a very light breeze was blowing from the southwest, bright sunshine and the temperatures were in the mid 80s.

Sometimes we need that reminder of what makes the Outer Banks so special . . . that sense that with toes dug into warm sand and the squeals of toddlers as they run from the incoming ripples of the surf, that everything truly can be right in the world.

Or if not right permanently, right for at least the two or three hours the family is spending on the beach.

There is, of course, much more to the Outer Banks than sunshine, ocean waters and sand, but ultimately, that is why almost everyone comes here.

Yes, the fishing is great, the surfing is world-class and there is lots to do, but sometimes the best thing about life is the chance to do nothing . . . to slather on some sunscreen (definitely needed today), grab a novel thatâåÛåªs fun to read and doesnâåÛåªt take a lot of thought, throw a beach towel down and just relax by the sea.

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