Posted on 3/18/2014

Really-Outer Banks Spring Is Coming

Hard to imagine, but tomorrow is the first day of spring. That has nothing to do with how quickly the time has gone by . . . in fact time, in the form of the harshest winter in at least the past 20 years on the Outer Banks, seems interminable, unending. And we are ready for it to leave.

Unfortunately, it looks like there is at least one more day of this then next week another wave of cold energy drops from the arctic and I love our Canadian neighbors--where all this weather is coming from--but I have to think even they are getting more than a little tired of the winter of 2014.

However, just because it's miserable outside doesn't mean nothing is happening on the Outer Banks. There are a couple of high school plays coming up. This weekend, Manteo High School will be performing Oklahoma! and next weekend, First Flight High School will be putting Legally Blond on the stage.

ThereâåÛåªs a couple of really neat events coming up in April as well. For the bikers out there, the last week in April, 19-27, is the annual Outer Banks Bike Week.

Should be warm by then, but itâåÛåªs still a bit cold right now. On the plus side--the weekend looks fantastic; slowly but surely things are getting better; and itâåÛåªs a sure bet that before we know it, summer will be here.

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