Posted on 10/29/2013

Sandy One Year Later

Here it is, the one year anniversary of Hurricane Sandy. ItâåÛåªs not a fond memory, by any means, but still itâåÛåªs passing should be noted.

Remembering the flooded roadways, the destroyed streets and highways and the massive cleanup that is involved when seawater invades a home or business is not something that can be forgotten. Yet, for all the damage and misery Sandy caused on the Outer Banks, we got off easy--at least compared to the towns and cities of the Northeast.

Some of it is we did not take the brunt of that storm--instead, what we witnessed was more like the wake of the largest ship ever imagined passing us by and as the waves rolled in, their destructive force kept growing and growing.

ThereâåÛåªs also a sense that having been through this before, the Outer Banks knew how to go about rebounding. ThatâåÛåªs not to say other places didnâåÛåªt have plans in place, itâåÛåªs that the Outer Banks seems to have a can do spirit and the experience to go with it to get things up and going as quickly as possible.

That does not mean that hurricanes are an every year or common occurrence--in fact, theyâåÛåªre pretty rare. But it only takes the experience of two or three of them over ten years to know what needs to be done.

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