Posted on 11/4/2013

Sandy Run Park, Kitty Hawk

ItâåÛåªs pretty cold and windy on the Outer Banks today, but Sunday started off as beautiful a fall day as there could be. Deep blue sky, almost no clouds, light breeze and temperatures cool but not cold.

A perfect day to get out and enjoy what the Outer Banks has to offer.

Rather than head to the water, though, I hiked over to Sandy Run Park in Kitty Hawk, which may be the prettiest little park every created.

The park consists of a slightly less than half mile trail that loops around a pond, marsh and wetlands, and cuts through a maritime forest. For the most part the trail is a boardwalk over a swamp--very easy going . . . suitable for just about anyone. There are fishing docks (catch and release only) and a kayak/canoe put in.

Yet none of that describes how restful, how peaceful, how just plain beautiful the park is. When I first got there a family with what looked like a three or four year old was just starting on their journey and the boy was squealing with delight. Heading around the boardwalk, I ran into a father and daughter coming back from a fishing expedition.

But it was all so quiet and peaceful that it seemed removed from the pace of life we so often live. Just a great way to spend a few hours soaking in the fresh air and the breath of autumn.

Sandy Run Park is on The Woods Road in Kitty Hawk.

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