Posted on 4/2/2018

Spring Weather Brings Wonderful Beach Day

A perfect spring day on the Kitty Hawk beach. A perfect spring day on the Kitty Hawk beach.
Warm Sand and Spring Weather Comes to the Outer Banks

Walking along the Kitty Hawk beach, on a perfect spring day is the perfect way to remember how special the Outer Banks really is.

The water is still pretty cold, and the few people who were getting in it had on wet suits, but that didn't change how marvelous it felt to dig bare feet into warm sand, or to feel a very gentle breeze from the south caressing the beach.

There were beachgoers—nothing like summer, of course. But enough to be a reminder that summer is coming. Families were gathered around towels and chairs dug into the sand; the littlest children would squeal in delight as waves chased them up the beach...then they would run back again, each time just avoiding the 50 degree water.

If the humans seemed unwilling to get in the water without some form of insulation, the dogs had no such inhibition. Walking alongside their people companions on the beach, every once in a while somehow that lab or golden retriever managed to get into the surf.

Of course some of the humans did have wetsuits. The waves were small today and a father and son took advantage of that, the father teaching his son how to surf. As a wave came in, he would push the board and the boy would stand up.

They weren't the only ones in the surf. A couple of skim boarders were playing in the waves—doing pretty well, too.

We're going to have a couple of beautiful beach days this week. Thursday looks like it's going to be cold and wet and maybe not so great, but then things seem to warm up again pretty quickly—at least that's what the experts say.

We needed this. March was a tough month on the Outer Banks. Maybe not quite as cold and windy as farther north, but there was not a beach day in it.

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