Springtime in February on the Outer Banks

An even break and warm weather in February bought the surfers out.
An even break and warm weather in February bought the surfers out.
A Great Day to Be on the Beach

A day like we had today is a rare Outer Banks treat in February. Warm temperatures, a breeze from the southwest and the waves were breaking beautifully this morning.

Of course, the water temperature is still 45-50 degrees, so no one was in the water in shorts, but there were still a fair number of surfers and SUPs on the water—in dry suits.

It’s still a little early to tell, but it may be that a sandbar is forming across from where John’s Drive-in is located.

One of the effects of beach nourishment—and the entire Kitty Hawk beach was nourished—is sand from the beach forms a sandbar in the near shore. That sandbar is the part of the way beach nourishment protects the roads and homes along the shoreline.

If a sandbar is forming there, it would be there first time in a while that a sandbar has appeared there.

Farther north, a little south of Pelican’s Perch—that’s the pink Joe Lamb Jr., & Associates home that sits out on the beach—the sandbar is well formed and there were a number of surfers and SUP catching some waves.

It wasn’t just surfers enjoying a rare springlike day in February; dogs were out with their friends, their barks filled with joy. Quite a number of couples were strolling along the beach looking for sea glass and interesting shells.

A man with a metal detector was scouring the sand. Hadn’t found much though—an old nail that appeared to be square cut, raising the possibility that it came from a  wooden shipwreck—although that would be a remote possibility.

Of course 70 degrees in February is different than 70 degrees in July, but today was a great tease for the upcoming season.

And…it looks as though we’ll have a few more days like today on tap.