Posted on 12/8/2018

Starvin' Artists Party-An Outer Banks Christmas Gathering

Fun, Food and Wonderful Art

Christmas must be getting closer—the 33rd annual Starvin' Artists Christmas Party is happening tomorrow, Saturday. The gathering is at Cozy Kitchens in Kitty Hawk on Kitty Hawk road from 4-9 p.m.

For anyone in the vicinity—come by and check it out.

In the past the Starvin' Artists Party has been one of those local events that people heard about it mostly through word of mouth. It is not, however, a locals only event—truly all are welcome

And the reason all are welcome is because the artists are tying to avoid starvation over the winter months until April...or maybe March...when our visitors come calling again.

It's a great event—a lot of fun. There is no telling who will be there.

Red Dawn—Dawn Moraga will be probably be there. Her house was used last year for the gathering and, well, it seemed a bit overwhelmed by the turnout.

Vic and Elen Berg will also be on hand. Vic is a guide—has been one for 42 years, and a remarkably talented bird carver. He also is usually the provider of the meat for the bear chili and other rarely seen food.

Beyond that it's hard to say. What we do know, however, is the level of artistry will be outstanding.

What seems to make the event fun and a bit more interesting is how wide ranging the items on display will be. There is always some excellent pottery, paintings in addition to Red Dawn's and jewelry. But there are also wonderful handcrafted items that make fantastic small gifts—hand made soap, scents and candles have been part of the past few Starvin' Artist gatherings and will probably be on hand tomorrow as well.

The event is a lot of fun, and with Cozy Kitchen's hosting this year, there should be room for the artists to spread out and really show what they can do.

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