Posted on 8/31/2013

Surf Season Outer Banks

Fall is here so it must be surf time on the Outer Banks.

Not that the summer surfing isnâåÛåªt great, but as summer ends the swells start building and September and October may be the best two months of the year to for ridable waves and even shore breaks.

Which means itâåÛåªs also surf competition season with the WRV/ Hurley Outer Banks Pro kicking things off this weekend at JennetteâåÛåªs Pier in Nags Head. ThatâåÛåªs followed by the ESA Eastern Surfing Championship September 15-21 also at JennetteâåÛåªs Pier.

Things started slowly for the WRV/Hurley competition on Thursday . . . well, itâåÛåªs still summer, so they get at pass on the high chop and unridable ankle-biting waves.

Friday brought some nice swells, especially in the afternoon as high tide rolled in, and there were some pretty spectacular rides.

Competition runs through tomorrow, with the forecast calling for knee high break waves but even swells.

JennetteâåÛåªs Pier has become one of the best spots on the Outer Banks for surfing. One of the effects of beach nourishment--Nags Head beaches were nourished last year--is a sandbar that forms offshore creating a long even break.

Just one more reason to visit the Outer Banks in the fall.

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