Posted on 11/28/2013

Thanksgiving on the Outer Banks

Yea! for Thanksgiving on the Outer Banks.

Ok, it is a little bit cold. And the weather yesterday was downright miserable, but there is something special about gathering with friends and relatives and eating way too much with the sound of the surf in the background.

Before the weather really socked us in yesterday, the waterfowl hunters were out in force on the sounds, the sound of the gunning a reminder of the heritage of hunting that is so much a part of Outer Banks history.

We have, of course, certainly moved on from that. We are in every sense of the word, a family destination, and tomorrow that will be out in full display with Santa making multiple simultaneous stops. And, just like the rest of the country, Black Friday means shop, shop, shop--at least for some people. Unlike the rest of the country, though, shops on the Outer Banks see the Christmas season as the last best chance to get rid of merchandise before next season and their prices reflect that.

Lots to do on Saturday especially. Up in Jarvisburg at the Cotton Gin, Sanctuary Vineyards is sponsoring the 3rd Annual Curri-tuck: wine, oysters and live music from 12-4.

Back at JockeyâåÛåªs Ridge State Park that evening, the sky lights up with the Kitty Hawk Kites Kites with Lights.

Makes it a pretty special time to be here.

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