Posted on 3/25/2015

The Joe Lamb, Jr. List of Most Romantic OBX Walks

Duck Boardwalk.

Along with being one of the greatest family vacation places, the Outer Banks has a well-deserved reputation for romantic settings. Romance is many things but one of the best parts of it is something as simple as a walk with a loved one.

Here, then, is our Joe Lamb Jr., & Associates & Associates list of most romantic Outer Banks walks. A subjective list, we admit.

1. The Beach

Any beach. Nags Head, Corolla, Duck, Kitty Hawk-it doesn't matter. There is something so wonderful about strolling along the beach with the endless sea rolling to the shore that everything else pales by comparison. Best time to go is morning or evening.

2. Duck Boardwalk

Spectacular sunsets, open water, wildlife and easy access to a quick drink or a snack, the Duck Boardwalk has it all. It doesn't get much better than this for an evening walk.

3. Elizabethan Gardens

Located on the north end of Roanoke Island, the Elizabethan Gardens, the paths wander through ten acres of formal gardens. Something is always in bloom, the fountain area is classic and the scent of flowers fills the air.

4. Woods Road

The Woods Road in Kitty Hawk would seem an unlikely place for a romantic stroll, but the multi-use path that runs along the road is beautifully shaded by old growth trees. An unexpected environment so close to the ocean.

Honorable mention: Whalehead Club

The Whalehead Club, actually Currituck Heritage Park, is beautiful with a well-kept lawn that is perpetually green and large shade trees. However, with no clearly defined path to walk, it doesn't quite make our list.

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