Posted on 12/4/2013

The Sounds of Christmas

Sometimes itâåÛåªs the little things that make holidays so special. That was certainly the case at Duck Woods Country Club Monday night when the First Flight High School Advanced Choir came to dinner and brought the beauty of traditional Christmas Carols to life for diners.

Yes, this is a high school choir, but when they sing, the air is filled with beautiful harmonies and perfect pitch.

The repertoire went from classics--they sang their way out to âåÛåÏWe Wish You a Merry ChristmasâåÛå--to songs with a more modern touch. Their version âåÛåÏWhite ChristmasâåÛå is as good as anything out there.

The Duck Woods Concert was one of those unannounced events--a special moment where being in the right place at the right time pays off. ThereâåÛåªs lots more music and entertainment coming up in the Outer Banks countdown to Christmas, though.

Starting Thursday and running through the weekend, the 25th Outer Banks Hotline Festival of the Trees is coming up and Friday is the the annual tree lighting in Manteo--an event not to be missed.

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