Posted on 8/28/2013

Unknown History of the Outer Banks

Here it is, just about the end of the summer and we havenâåÛåªt even talked about some of the really neat, little known history of the Outer Banks.

The whereabouts of the Lost Colony of Roanoke Island fame is still a mystery although there is some circumstantial evidence that the settlers wandered off into the interior and became absorbed into the Native American tribes.

It seems apparent that hostile Roanoke Island Indians either overran the settlement or forced its evacuation--which is true as far as it goes. But the reason for the IndiansâåÛåª anger was the destruction of their village by Governor Ralph Lane over what was by most accounts a minor theft of trinkets.

It is possible that fear of the Spanish off the North Carolina coast contributed to the decision to desert the colony. Spain and England were very much at war at this time and Spanish had a very robust presence in the area.

How robust? Look no farther than the Corolla Wild Horses. Genetic testing has shown that they are pure-bred Spanish mustangs--probably survivors of a shipwreck.

Finally--the Native Americans, along with understanding how to plant native grains, also understood vineyard production. Written accounts that found their way to England mention a sweet grape the Indians were growing--a Scuppernong in this case. There is still an ancient vine growing at the exact location of the vine that was described. Look for Mother Vineyard Road on the road out of Manteo.

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