Posted on 7/16/2014

Vivo-Spanish Mustang Colt, Recovering Well

This is a nice little feel-good story.

About six weeks ago one of the Spanish Mustangs of the Corolla Wild Horse herd gave birth to Vivo-who, unfortunately had a severe birth defect that did not allow him to walk on his hoofs.

In the wild, Vivo would have died a painful lingering death, but the condition is actually easily correctable by a veterinarian.

To save him both Vivo and his mother, Mimoso, had to be removed from the herd and taken to a farm where they now live.

The good news is mother and son are doing great. In fact, reports indicate Vivo seems to have a bit of the rambunctious child about him-which is normal.

The Corolla Wild Horse Fund manages the Corolla Wild Horse herd, and they have done an amazing job in keeping the herd viable and a part of the Corolla landscape. The horses have been been moved north of the paved section of NC 12 for their protection. They are very much a part of the landscape in the Carova area. The best way to view them is to take a trip with the guide services that specialize in trips to see the horses.

They are magnificent animals, but it is important to remember they are wild horses. Do not feed them-human food can be deadly to them-and remember: it is illegal be within 50' of them.

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