Posted on 7/13/2019

Water Water Everywhere Exhibit at Dare County Arts Council

Admiring the artistry of Water Water Everywhere.
Admiring the artistry of Water Water Everywhere.

Sometimes we luck into something special. That was certainly the feeling when we checked out the Water Water Everywhere exhibit at the Dare County Arts Council in Manteo this evening.

Curated by artist Carol Willett, the  show featured art from a wide variety of Outer Banks artists. All of the works were themed around water and the sea.

The range of ideas and concepts was astonishing.

Carol had a some of her priced in the show—typically whimsical statuary from everyday materials.

There were photographs, oils, mixed media, acrylics—just about every way an artist can express themselves could be found on the walls of the upstairs gallery.

Local artist and author Linda Lauby was on hand to sign her latest book, "A Boat Named Zeus."

 The book feature Banks the Dog, who was on hand for the signing, but is based on a real incident that occurred in the wake of Hurricane Florence.

Zeus was the boat that when touring the area after the hurricane, the President saw the boat in someone's backyard and remarked that they seem to have gotten a boat out of the flooding.

But the boat, Zeus, had a remarkable history behind it and it was actually someone's home, a home that had been evacuated before the flood waters came.

Linda tells the story in her book of the Zeus, tracking it back to its days sailing the Caribbean.

Water, Water Everywhere will be on display through the end of the month. It is a wonderful exhibit, and per Curator Carol Willett's instructions, nothing is priced over $150.

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