Posted on 9/3/2018

Waveriders Coffee, Pub, Deli Reopens after July Fire

A collage of views of the just reopened Waveriders in Nags Head. Photo, Waveriders A collage of views of the just reopened Waveriders in Nags Head. Photo, Waveriders
Favorite Outer Banks Gathering Place Reopens after Fire

Waveriders in Nags Head has reopened and a sigh of relief has made its way around the Outer Banks.

The coffee shop, pub and deli was gutted by a fire back on July 30—the fire probably beginning in an espresso machine—and for a month, one of the best and most favorite places on the Outer Banks to meet friends or to just stop in for some coffee or a sandwich as been unavailable.

Given the damage that was done, and it was pretty significant, it seems remarkable that Waveriders was closed for only a month.

The work that was done to get the eatery reopened, paid tribute to what Waveriders has always been—a great place to meet with friends, get a great cup of coffee, a wonderful sandwich and maybe a beer.

There are some changes though. The furniture is all new—no surprise there since all of it was probably damaged. But the furniture, still very much with that comfortable, homey feel, has been rearranged, and the first impression is there is a bit more of a feeling of privacy among the tables.

The meeting room—the large alcove with the big wooden sliding door—has a new, but still very inviting look as well.

There are a couple of other changes as well, subtle but for regular customers, apparent.

The register has been rotated 90 degrees to the left and the cold drinks are now next to the register. That is one change that makes a lot of sense, since before they were not close to the check out.

A couple very nice signs have been placed around the bar, which is also very clearly new.

It also looks as though the kitchen has been renovated, although we never did get a chance to go back there before the fire

The important news in all of theis, though, is yes it looks great inside, but now that Waveriders has reopened, life can go back to normal on the Outer Banks.

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