Posted on 4/20/2014

Wet Start for 12th Annual Bike Week

The weather forecast says itâåÛåªs a spring storm but with the wind from the northeast at 15 gusting to 30 and wave heights at 7-9âåÛåª itâåÛåªs a NorâåÛåªeaster. Call it what you will, itâåÛåªs a thoroughly miserable day on the Outer Banks

And surfers . . . those 7-9âåÛåª waves? Pure chop, not a swell to be seen.

Better weather is on tap though, at least thatâåÛåªs what all the weather forecasts say, so weâåÛåªll give them the benefit of the doubt and trust that by Wednesday the temperatures will be close to 70 with a light southwest breeze.

Good thing, too, since this is the 12th Annual Bike Week. Not a biker to be seen today, but for that matter, not even too many cars out on the roads.

We should see more and more bikers as the week goes on. Improving weather conditions will certainly help, but the event itself has become something of a springtime tradition for a lot of families. ThatâåÛåªs right . . . biker families.

There is the usual stuff of questionable taste--cole slaw wrestling really stands out in that regard--but overall, this is an event that everyone can enjoy. LotâåÛåªs of music, lots of rides, a lot to do and a lot of bikers having a great time.

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