Posted on 8/8/2016

Who's Bad Brings Michael Jackson to Lost Colony

Joe Bell (Jobel) as Michael Jackson on stage at the Lost Colony's Waterside Theatre. Joe Bell (Jobel) as Michael Jackson on stage at the Lost Colony's Waterside Theatre.

Now that was a concert for the Outer Banks to remember!

Performing at The Lost Colony's Waterside Theatre, Who's Bad brought the genius on Michael Jackson to the Outer Banks. Sheer energy, great choreography, excellent musicians and a show stopping performance by Joe Bell—Jobel as he is known on stage.

The range of Jackson's music and choreography really come alive in a production of this caliber. What really seemed to bring everything together, though was Jobel. His vocals were on pitch, his dancing had the same fluid yet crisp, precise moves associated with Jackson and teamed up with a band that seemed to be able to do it all and two stellar dancers recreating the Jackson choreography, Waterside Theatre was jumpin'.

With so much of Jackson's' repertoire brought to life, it's difficult to pick out any one performance that was the best. Jobel included a set of Jackson 5 hits— and he did amazingly well. What seemed to make that set work, was the genuine effort he put into bringing those songs to life.

If pressed, the last set that featured Jackson's best known and earliest hits, would be the pick as best—although given how good everything else was, that's a tough argument to make.

But Billy Jean, Thriller and Man in the Mirror carry a certain mystique with them to this day.

Joe Lamb Jr., & Associates is a proud sponsor of The Lost Colony and we're looking forward to next year's Live at the Waterside Concert Theatre.


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