Posted on 8/26/2013

Work to Begin on Outer Banks Wright Memorial Bridge

I had to take a trip out of town this weekend and IâåÛåªve got to say that as soon as the car wheels hit the Wright Memorial Bridge, I suddenly felt more relaxed and better about the world. ThatâåÛåªs how youâåÛåªre supposed to feel about vacation--which is what the Outer Banks is all about--but I think thereâåÛåªs a lot to be said for coming home after a long trip.

However, since weâåÛåªre talking about the Wright Memorial Bridge, this is probably a good time to mention that the westbound bridge (the bridge off the Outer Banks) will be closed beginning September 15. ThatâåÛåªs the newer span and there have been problems with it almost from the day it was completed 15 or 16 years ago.

NC DOT is going to repave it, but mostly I think they want to correct the problem with the expansion joints. Right now crossing the bridge on a hot day is kind of exciting for the kids . . . up and down, up and down, up and down from one end to the other. Of course who ever is driving is wondering how much itâåÛåªs going to cost replace the shock absorbers, but the kids love it.

The expansion joints allow the bridge to expand and contract in a wide variety of weather, but for some reason the westbound bridge never has seemed quite right.

Depending on weather, work should wrap up in mid May. Especially on some of the busier weekends during the fall, expect delays.

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