Posted on 1/23/2017

Zack Mexico Rocks Kelly's Tavern

Zack Mexico performing at Kelly's Outer Banks Tavern Saturday night. Zack Mexico performing at Kelly's Outer Banks Tavern Saturday night.

Zack Mexico took a journey back to their roots on Saturday night, rocking the house at Kelly's Outer Banks Tavern.

A local band that's making a name for itself regionally, the founding members of the group all hail from Kill Devil Hills.

It was a great show and if nothing else, it certainly clarified the rumors of Kelly's imminent closing are greatly exaggerated. Owner Mike Kelly has told local media that he is planning on selling the five acre lot that is home to the restaurant, but negotiations hit a snag and Mike has made it clear until there is a signature on a dotted line, the restaurant and bar is running full throttle.

A five piece band, Zack Mexico's music has sort of a psychedelic punk rock sound. Except they throw in some other elements into their music.

They take the stage with three guitars and they use the guitars in their own unique style. They're loud; they're lyrics are sometimes off-color; and they are really good musicians.

In their arrangements, the band uses the guitars as another voice to backup lead singer, John Saturley. They'll harmonize their guitar leads. Sometimes the guitar will play a counterpoint to the vocals.

Their distinctive sound and the quality of what they are doing is really helped by the drumming of Joey LaFountain.

Shaggy hair hanging in his face, he looks the part. More importantly, though, LaFountain is a really good drummer and it's his pounding, innovative rhythms that drives the energy of the performance.

In short—this is a group of really good musicians who have found a voice in the music they are performing.

It's not for everyone. This is pretty hardcore psychedelic punk rock—if that is a genre. It's loud. The beat and the rhythms, especially in their live shows, is an incessant almost frenetic pounding.

But they are good, and if their style is acceptable, it's a great show.

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