Posted on 9/3/2020

Discovering A Little Free Library On The Outer Banks

Reading a book while sitting on the beach is by far one of the most relaxing things to do on an Outer Banks vacation. Exchanging a book at one of the many Little Free Library's scattered about OBX is in the top Things To Do when visiting The Outer Banks. 


These cute model houses or Lifesaving Stations have been popping up all over The Outer Banks and allows everyone to enjoy a fresh new book or exchange a finished book for a new read at any time during your stay. Kill Devil Hills offers six library's while Southern Shores hosts four. With 15 registered Little Free Library's on OBX you can find one in every town.

Use This Customized Map To Find A Nearby Little Free Library On OBX


One of the benefits of using a Little Free Library is that you never know what books are going to be inside. It can be a wide variety of romance, drama, fiction, non-fiction, and children's books. Many of those who have started using the free libraries have found themselves reading books they may have never picked up. There typically are plenty of children's books in the box too. Some Little Free Library's were created by neighborhood groups or non-profit organizations who promote children's literacy.  Take the library at Dowdy Park which is sponsored by The Outer Banks Women's Club. This library was created and is maintained by the Outer Banks Women's Club to support the club's goal of promoting literacy and love for reading in their unique beach community.