OBX Recognized the Little Red Mailbox of Hope

Sue Goodrich and her Little Red Mailbox of Hope.

Sue Goodrich is one of the nicest people you would ever want to meet. She’s quick to smile, seems to have a kind word for everyone and she seems to believe that hope and a little bit of prayer is a good way to live your life.

About a year ago, it dawned on her that maybe she wasn’t the only one who felt that way and she went down to the Glenmere Access, her favorite beach access in Kill Devil Hills, and put up a little red mailbox that simply said, “Leave a Note of Hope.”

Since that time there have been hundreds of notes, some of them filled with the joy of life, some with the yearning for a hope that may never be fulfilled, but all of them revealing what is best about the human spirit.

At the June Kill Devil Hills Commissioner’s meeting, Sue was honored for her mailbox and for bringing a message of hope to so many people.

To thank Sue for her message of hope, the town changed the name of the Glenmere Access to the Hope Access at Glenmere.