Joe Lamb, Jr. Guide to Outer Banks Piers

Jennette’s Pier in Nags Head.

Everyone likes to get a close as possible to the ocean and for fishermen, they want to get as far out into the sea as they can get. Of course, not everyone can hop in a boat, sail through Oregon Inlet and head for the Gulf Stream.

Luckily the Outer Banks has a number of piers that giver fishermen and sightseers a chance to get out over the ocean and look back to land. Here are the five piers north of Oregon Inlet.

Kitty Hawk Pier

Now a part of the Kitty Hawk Hilton Garden Inn, before Hurricane Isabelle ripped the end of it was one of the most popular fishing piers on the Outer Banks. It doesn’t go out quite as far now, but it’s still a pretty walk.

Avalon Pier

One of the best fishing piers around, this Kill Devil Hills landmark has been damaged by a number of storms but keeps coming back.

Nags Head Pier

A very good fishing pier with a wonderful pier restaurant. The recently upgraded the outside eating area, and sitting at the ocean’s edge, eating a fried North Carolina shrimp basket with a cold beer is one of life’s finer pleasure.

Jennette’s Pier

A spectacular concrete pier, the facility is part of the North Carolina Aquarium system. Reaching 1000′ into the Atlantic Ocean, it’s renowned for the quality of its fishing. Sand bars have built up around it, creating some of the best surf condition on the Outer Banks.

Outer Banks Fishing Pier

Noted for the friendly helpful attitude of everyone who work there, this 600′ pier gets fisherman beyond the surf and into a good fishing zone. Located in South Nags Head, it’s a little out of the way but worth the trip. Nice outdoor deck and restaurant.